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Mexico Sicobi

Origin: Sierra Sur, Oaxaca, Mexico
Producer: Sicobi Community - 223 Members
Processing: Washed
Varietal(s): 80% Pluma (Typica); 10% Caturra; 10% Mundo Nuovo
Elevation: 1,300 - 1,900 Meters Above Sea Level
Tangerine, Raspberry, Rose, Cherry

Sicobi, which stands for Sistema Comunitario para el Resguardo y Manejo de la Biodiversidad (Community System for Protecting and Managing Biodiversity), was founded in 2010 by the non-governmental organization GAIA.

Sicobi has a unique way of organizing growers. While the organization doesn’t work with all coffee growers in the surrounding communities, it has established policies and rules for the entire territory the communities are in. Sicobi enforces its policies through a board consisting of local authorities, and through this territorial management it aims to preserve biodiversity in the community. There is one paid technician in each community in Sicobi—typically a young student who gathers information for that community. The council uses this information to establish policies and rules that make the best use of the community’s natural resources.

Sicobi has a unique cup profile. While the cooperative's coffees are 100% washed process, they profile similar to a natural coffee. This is due in part to the natural conditions of the area, particularly the very dry landscape which creates a unique micro-climate. Sicobi’s growers ferment their coffee in wooden tanks, which also helps give the coffee the profile of a natural.

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