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We buy, sell, and serve some of the world’s finest coffee beans, expertly roasted in our specialty roasting room just outside of Seattle.

But our coffee doesn’t just taste good; our coffee does good. 

Every bag of Street Bean Coffee you buy funds one hour of job training for youth working to leave the streets. When you drink our coffee, you're raising your glass to young people by helping fund apprenticeships that have helped over 80% of apprentices transition into housing and employment.

At Street Bean, we provide opportunity for street-involved young people to reclaim their lives, one cup at a time. Come see us in Belltown or the U-District, or enjoy our coffee at home by ordering online.

We source and roast rare, seasonal, high quality coffees that pay top dollar to the producers. We roast every Monday and ship on Tuesdays. Orders placed after Sunday at 11:59pm will have a one week lead time for fulfillment. We appreciate your understanding in our passionate pursuit of the freshest, finest coffees!